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About Us



The Destiny of your dreams will be going to pause here…for a moment.

The Grand Shiva Home stay makes you feel jovial and your journey cheerful in the lap of fascinating snowy mountains. This Home stay built with the bricks of love, which bind together to make you feel like at home. We the locals of Sour-Sankri tried our best to make your moments pleasant, memorable and magnificent. The greenery all around this region will surely  gratified your heart with innumerable positive vibes.

                                                                     ~ Words remain silent to extract the vision of this paradise.



Nature is a compass which attracts the magnets of curiosity, blithe and much more…A heart away from nature becomes hard….We the locals of village SOUR- SANKRI  working in the accordance of this concept, are making sure to frame the surrounding in the way which falls in a coordination with your expectations from us. Uttrakhand, the land of true religious spirituality, varies from one region to another with endless sublime visions. The Grand Shiva Home-stay is surrounded with numerous aesthetic places including Sankri, Sour-village, and  impressive views of countless treks which are easily visible from the perfectly designed rooms of the hotel.

  • DISTANCE  FROM  DEHRADUN-  Approximately 198 Km.
  • DISTANCE  FROM  DELHI- Approximately 468.4 Km 
  • DISTANCE  FROM  MUMBAI- Approximately 1,838.6 Km

HAVE A LOOK ON SOUR VILLAGE : Simply heaven of Uttarakhand.

Village Sour sets a relevant example, of how to balance their ancient cultural heritage having an accordance with newly introduced technologies. The villagers are involved in both agricultural and tourism activities, having an experience of many years. It is a very simple village with jovial lifestyle.

  • The Grand Shiva Home-stay lies entirely in the north part of the village Sour, having a short distance to road.
  • It can be easily appears from a long distance because of it’s height. which makes it completely unique from the others .
  • Being in the rooms of hotel we are able to feel the majestic nature outside, one of the most alluring sight of Swargarohini mountains which fascinates a blithe heart is clearly visible from The lord Shiva Home-stay.


  • IN SUMMERS Gazing stars at night in the cloudless sky from windows of the room.
  • IN WINTERS while staring the falling snow outside the room, having a feel of little cold, with rubbing your hands outside the hot cup of tea.
  • IN RAINY SEASON At night, the relaxing sound of flowing river, the tapping of rain drops on the roof and sometimes the sound of thunderstorm with lightning and your fantasies makes your night more valuable.


The perfect combination of luxurious stay and local cultural lifestyle with a handful of your desires will absolutely makes the things happen into unforgettable memories which remains with u for life long.


Sour village is famous for The most beautiful lord Shiva temple, locally known as Sameshwar Mahadev Mandir, now become a source of attraction, lying in the central part of village. This holy ancient cultural heritage is extremely valuable for all the villagers, being a part of this community it’s our pleasure to bind up together our holy heritage with our source of income, which provide employment to many skilled villagers. As what we have today, what we are today is just because of our ancient culture & tradition.

The concept behind the name of The Grand Shiva Home-stay is inter related with the holy lord Shiva temple, to build up a prosperous society with the blessings of god, ”SAMESHWAR MAHADEV”.